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Our History

An Italian upbringing ensured that food, bread and basically any kitchen activity is very much central to life, and so it was for the Lupini brothers. Their mother was a great cook and their father had a reputable Italian restaurant, “Ristorante Lupo” where the artisanal ciabatta bread was first produced.

Trials on ciabatta style bread meant that ciabatta grew increasingly popular and later Tito Lupini secured the sole rights from a bakery in Adria, Italy to make the original ciabatta in Africa.

It was out of the camaraderie between the brothers, Tito Lupini and Massimo Lupini, working out of a single garage to supply hand-made ciabatta, that Lupo Bakery was born. Their lack of knowledge in bread-making was compensated by strong passion, motivation and commitment.

Dedication to Emilio (Tito) Lupini
(1955 - 2021)

Co-founder & CEO Lupo Bakery

Tito, grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and went to school at Hyde Park High School. After matric he was called up to do his national service. Tito, involved himself with rugby and soon proved to be an outstanding rugby player. After he had completed his army stint, he worked in the family businesses doing construction and helping in the Lupo Restaurant. During the mid-1980's Tito took up an opportunity to play Rugby in Rovigo , Italy. Making a huge success of this, Tito went on to play for Italy’s National team in the world cup.

Want to try out one of our recipes?


French Toast made with Lupo Ciabatta Bread, layered with Mascarpone cheese, Fresh Berries and a Drizzle of Golden Honey


Slices of Lupo Ciabatta Bread, made into an open sandwich layered with Pavalone cheese and Prosciutto ham.


Lupo Ciabatta Bread sliced in half , Topped with Tomato, Cheese, Pepperoni and Olives and made into a Pizza with your favourite toppings